Privacy Policy

In order for us to work as your childminder we are legally obliged to collect certain information about you and your child to comply with the requirements of the EYFS and to maintain accounts and records. Other information that we collect is not a legal requirement but will help us to do our job as your childminder. 

We will need to process information such as: 

   · Child’s name

   · Child’s date of birth

   · Child’s age

   · Child’s address

   · Parents’ names, addresses, contact numbers

   · Who has parental responsibility for the child

   · Emergency contact names, addresses and contact number

   · Child’s doctor’s name and contact number

   · Health clinic/health visitor

   · Child’s NHS number

   · Any allergies/medical history/ requirements

   · Information about immunisations

   · Whether the child has any special educational needs or disabilities

   · Ethnic group

   · Religion

   · Home language

   · Child and/or parents’ National Insurance number

We are required to hold and use this personal data in order to comply with the statutory framework of England, Ofsted, the Department for Education and my local authority early years team.

This data will be used to:

   · support your child’s development

   · monitor and report on your child’s progress

   · share information about activities in our setting 

   · contact named people in an emergency 

   · share with other professionals in accordance with legislation

   · ensure a contract of service is delivered and maintained

   · ensure that this setting receives the statutory funding for which it is eligible. 

With your permission this data may be, when necessary, shared with: 

   · Other professionals supporting your child, for example health visitor, pre-school, nursery, school,

     other  health or education professional

   · Our local authority through the Free Childcare and Early Education Entitlement headcount and 

     annual Early Years Census (England)

   · The local safeguarding children’s board or Social Services Referral and Assessment Team if we 

     ever have  any concerns about the safety of your child.

   ·  Ofsted.

We are required by law to keep some information about your child for a period of time after a child has left the setting. We will keep a record of this and dispose of securely at the correct time.  We may hold onto some photographs for our own personal use in albums or displayed in the house or cabin. Your child’s learning journey will be sent home with you on their last day. 

If you have any complaints with the way you feel we have handled any of your personal data, please speak to us in the first instance so that we can resolve the complaint. You have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Officer (ICO) if you feel we have not resolved the complaint to your satisfaction.

If you want to see a copy of the information we hold and share about you or your child then please contact us.